Ryds 486 BF

Now, Ryds is launching the third model in its popular Big Fish program. A stable, rugged and robust boat for fishing, leisure and transportation.

Ryds 486 BF
  • 203 cm x 485 cm
  • Weight: 400 kg
  • Max. number of persons: 5
  • Engine rec.: 30-50 hk
  • Max. engine weight: 125 kg
  • CE category: C
  • Speed: 25 kn

From 109 900kr

(Incl. 30 hp Mercury)

About Ryds 486 BF


This spacious model fits all sorts of activities on the lake. Fishing, swimming, shipping or just driving around enjoying the archipelago. With its spacious deck you have room for everything you might need. Having extra guests with you? No problem, Ryds 486 BF have extra thwarts which also works as stowage. Perfect coastal boat with its rugged and stable hull, but also very lightweight, about 25 knots with 30hp!

Standard equipment

  • mEQs universal attachment
  • Rain pump
  • Lock fittings class 3
  • Pulpit rails
  • Prow pulpit

Load donkey!

Extremely rugged and stable boat with sturdy surfaces to load.


With the recommended engine size of 30-50 hp, you can customize the performance to suit your needs.



A huge coastal boat for the money that corresponds to a used boat.