Från ca 1 120 kr/ mån | 127 900 kr

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Meet our 486 BF

Ryd's second fishing boat in its popular Big Fish program is 486 BF and is a stable, portable and robust boat for fishing, leisure and transport. This spacious model is suitable for all kinds of activities on the lake. Sport fishing, fishing when you need to pick up cages in the boat, transport goods between the mainland and islands or just take a trip in the archipelago. With its spacious deck you can fit most things and if you want to go with people you can supplement with one or two extra seating areas that also serve as a storage compartment. Ryds 486 BF is a perfect coastal boat with its sturdy and stable hull. The 486 BF is a very easy-to-operate control pulse and runs about 25 knots with a 30hp motor.


Spend time in a new way

It should be fun to drive and ride in a Ryds boat! It is a pleasure which makes it important for us that we build boats that are fun, even when you meet a little more lake. We follow our tradition where safety, quality, function and environment are in focus. Welcome to Ryds Boats!

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