Från ca 3 580 kr/ mån | 408 900 kr

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Meet our 628 Mid C

Ryds 628 Mid C is our largest and most modern walkaround model. With its forward-moved and centered console, it’s easy to move around in the boat. In the stern there is a sofa with ample storage space. This boat model is both sporty and practical with its high freeboards which makes it easy to enjoy the fantastic nature offered at sea. The model has lots of seats for passengers in the stern, amidships and bow. Ryds 628 Mid C is perfect for the family, recreational fishermen and day trips. With a weather-repellant steering console two people can ride well protected and the passengers on the large aft sofa sit safely and securely with the high freeboards next to them!


Spend time in a new way

It should be fun to drive and ride in a Ryds boat! It is a pleasure which makes it important for us that we build boats that are fun, even when you meet a little more lake. We follow our tradition where safety, quality, function and environment are in focus. Welcome to Ryds Boats!

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