Från ca 2 980 kr/ mån | 340 900 kr

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Meet our 548 Mid C

Ryds 548 Mid C is both a sporty and practical boat with high freeboats that makes it easy to enjoy the fantastic scenery offered at sea. Mid C has the pulpit mounted in the middle of the boat where you sit in a chair and drive the boat, the model has multiple seats both in the stern, center and bow. The pulpit has a large storage compartment and plenty of room for cooler / cooler bag. The boat model is also called a walkaround as it offers free walking area around the entire boat, it is just over five meters long and can withstand a lot of sea. It is simply a boat that is well adapted to swimming, recreational fishing and water sports where the driving pleasure elicits wonderful feelings on the lake. If you love to do water sports and enjoy nature, Ryds 548 Mid C is the perfect boat for you!


Spend time in a new way

It should be fun to drive and ride in a Ryds boat! It is a pleasure which makes it important for us that we build boats that are fun, even when you meet a little more lake. We follow our tradition where safety, quality, function and environment are in focus. Welcome to Ryds Boats!

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