Från ca 848 kr/ mån | 96 900 kr

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Meet our Ryds 438 BF

Ryds 438 BF is the first boat in the Ryds Big Fish series. It has become a success, partly because it is affordable, simple and practical. Prepared to mount a smooth cast deck and a chair in the bow for convenient fishing. 438 BF is a popular sport fishing boat from Ryds with high freeboats and large spaces on board. The boat has the pulpit in the middle adjacent to the rear sofa and a center box where you can store the large throwing deck and pre-assembled chair when you are not using them. In addition, there are large railings around for extra comfort and safety


Spend time in a new way

It should be fun to drive and ride in a Ryds boat! It is a pleasure which makes it important for us that we build boats that are fun, even when you meet a little more lake. We follow our tradition where safety, quality, function and environment are in focus. Welcome to Ryds Boats!

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