Sporty boats with the future in mind. Boats in the F-line range are perfect for day trips and water sports. Offer a delightful driving experience with fantastic hulls, and are Ryds’ quietest, most fuel efficient and most environmentally friendly boats.



For people who want that little bit extra. Boats that come with pretty much all the equipment you could want as standard. Such as chart plotters with echo sounder, stereo and waterskiing pylon. Don't forget to look at the standard equipment list for each model.



Traditional, sturdy boats for day trips and fishing. Available from 2.5 metres up to 5.35 metres. Extremely affordable pleasure!

Big Fish



Ryds is manufactured in Sweden, something we are quite lonely about today. We follow our tradition where safety, quality, function and the environment are in focus.
Most of our models are vacuum-injected - a process that involves a large reduction of emissions.

Driving pleasure

It should be fun to drive and to ride in a Ryds! Riding a boat is a pleasure so it is important for us to build boats that are fun, even when you meet a little more motion of the sea.


Safety is extremely important when you are on the lake! We test all models in our own pool before launching them to meet our high standards of safety.


Quality is that the boat will keep what it promises! Building a boat is a craft and we have over 60 years of experience in the same place with the same premises. We keep what we promise!


The environmental perspective is part of everything we do, all from when we design new models to make them as fuel-efficient as possible for our production methods and materials selection.


We want to improve the boat life! An example of this is the F-line series, where everything is vacuum-injected and lightweight. Higher quality at lower price with smaller engines and still maintaining the same performance!